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В and С hepatitis are rightly regarded as one of the most dangerous and fatal diseases that can lead to chronic hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer. However the cell therapy can become the solution for hepatitis problems and our clinic offers you this solution.

First and foremost stem cell treatment is directed to the disease’s etiology that in the majority of cases is the virus. Among other unique features of the stem cell treatment is its ability to strengthen the immunity. Besides stem cells recover the liver and enhance its functions. Patients suffering with B or C hepatitis are treated by stem cells of cord blood. A bulk of stem cells is injected intravenously into the organism. These cells possess unique abilities to find damaged areas and initiate their recovery processes. On getting to the damaged tissues they turn to cells necessary for the organism – hepatocytes: healthy liver cells. Besides liver the stem cells favorably influence the immune system recovering its normal functioning and assisting the organism to overcome the hepatitis virus.

Remember: the main thing in B and C hepatitis is not to lose time and begin the treatment as soon as possible to prevent the disease to cause chronic complications (like hepatocirrhosis and liver cancer) or turn into the chronic form. We offer you to fill out a simple form if you have any questions concerning the disease and make an appointment with our specialists who shall describe you the essence and sequence of treatment. 

B and C hepatitis enter the ten of the most widespread causes of mortality in the world and takes one of the leading places in the infectious pathology. B and C hepatitis demonstrate severe clinical course and are often the reasons of chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and liver cancer development. 

About 8% of population is infected with B or C hepatitis. Its acute phase passes to the chronic in 85% of patients. Every fifth patient suffering with the chronic hepatitis is at risk to get cirrhosis and every twentieth of them can get liver cancer. The sooner you begin hepatitis treatment the more you have chances for success. Approximately after 25 years from the moment of infection hepatitis causes partial substitution of normal hepatic tissue with the scar tissue, the liver structure is disturbed and this causes its vital functions to depress and cirrhosis develops. Patients who are sick with chronic B and C hepatitis are fatigable, experience efficiency reduction. Jaundice, skin itching, sexual weakness or menstrual cycle violation can also develop. 

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